Different areas have different zoning rules. You can try reading rules on your local government’s website, but sometimes it can be confusing. Boxhomes has partnered with Permits.com to provide an easy resource for questions about permitting.
    Yes, Boxhomes are snow load rated.
    Boxhomes buildings are extremely energy efficient. This is because of the high R-value insulation, tight building envelope, and limited thermal bridging.
    Nothing is fire proof. But Boxhomes was engineered with fire resistance in mind. The interior and exterior of the structure is clad with noncombustible materials. We think this means flying embers that spread forest fires won’t ignite your Boxhomes.
    Boxhomes doesn’t use common lumber or sheetrock. The building materials are less likely to be damaged by water and less likely to grow mold.
    Yes, Boxhomes are rated for hurricane-speed winds.
    Boxhomes are made from steel, concrete, and EPS foam. These are building materials that don’t degrade and will last a lifetime. The walls, floor, and roof are structurally laminated panels that are much stronger than the average building.
    The Boxhomes are fast and easy to set up. What’s not included in the price of the Casita is your land and site setup.
    Boxhomes only sells room modules. We will connect you with a boxhomes certified and state licensed installer in your area.
    If you pay the shipping, we will ship it to you anywhere in the world.
    We can ship these anywhere in the world. A rough budget might be $3-$10/mile from Dubai.
    Yes, we are selling shares in Boxhomes to fund growth. Learn more at www.boxhomes.website